Making Progress

We got back from London on Sunday. It was a wonderful trip because we found the wedding sarees I was looking for. I say ‘sarees’ because we have two events – a slightly smaller traditional event and a large reception the following day. I want to wear only one attire for each event as I’m so not the person who can change in a hurry.

We were actually going to go to India to look for our wedding attire but flights to India from Norway are really expensive, even more expensive than the wedding attire itself. So, in an effort to be a bit frugal, I started researching on other distributors/resellers for this particular designer. As luck would have it, there was a shop in London that officially carried this designer’s clothing.

We went there Friday morning post breakfast and I think I made my choice in less than 20 minutes for the first saree. I had only intended to buy one, actually, for the large reception. But, after asking the sales assistant to put the one I chose aside, I stumbled upon another one – but it was in the same colour family as the first saree. I happen to ask the sales assistant if she had the same design in a different colour and true enough she brought out a beautiful, summery, bright colour and I was really tempted. The fiancee seemed to love it and hinted that I should take this one as well – for our smaller traditional event. So, in the end, we got both.

In Indian weddings, usually the bride and groom go shopping together. It’s rare that the groom does not see the bride’s sarees beforehand. At least, not in my family. So it wasn’t really an issue for us. That said, because I don’t live near my family, I usually consult the fiancee for most things anyway. It would be weird to buy something without showing it to him first, you know?

So now I have one more thing off my list 🙂

The other good news is that we’ve hired a wedding planner. We had a slightly upsetting experience with another wedding decorator who did not get back to us for more than a month and as pleasant as she seemed when we met her in person, things didn’t go the way we had hoped for. We figured we should let it go and start afresh. So we have hired a wedding planner and will start the official planning this week.

Things are slowly falling into place and I’m starting to be a little less overwhelmed and a little more hopeful.


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  1. Ooooo you got your saree shopping done – yay! Who’s this designer? Must be pretty popular to have a store in London as well. Cant’ wait to see how it looks like, I’m sure it’s super gorgeous, both of em.

    • Yes! I did. It’s a designer from Kolkata known as Sabyasachi. I really like his designs but he doesn’t have much of an online presence and I was a bit unsure about buying a saree without touching it and seeing how it flows. We really wanted to go to Kolkata with my Mom, but we already went to KL this year and will be going again end of the year to do more wedding planning. Have to save our leave 🙂

      There are two shops in London who sell his designs. Basically they carry most Indian designers. I e-mailed one of the shops for fun and it worked out. The salespeople were very nice and understanding.

      The sarees are really pretty, if I may say so. I do hope you and your family will be able to make it to the event. Will definitely send you a wedding invitation when they are printed 🙂

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