The Path

Cobblestones on an evening walk

Cobblestones on an evening walk

It’s been about a month since we got our civil marriage done. The rest of July passed in a blur of moving madness: packing, cleaning, moving, more packing, more cleaning, more sorting — rinse and repeat. We now live in our own apartment. It’s such a nice feeling to know that this place is ours. I’m still unpacking, bit by bit. I still have the luxury of empty shelves and unoccupied drawers but I don’t know for how long this luxury will exist once I unpack everything.

The husband and I have a deal where we unpack a box or two each week. So far it’s been going well but we are still hopping over boxes or bags from time to time. Our coffee table arrived last week and it is kind of amazing. I didn’t think I’d ever be that excited about a coffee table. It was a gift from the husband’s family back in Germany. Wedding planning is still going on. We are currently working on our wedding invitations. We will also be heading back to Malaysia in November to do more wedding planning.

We’ve been cooking a lot. Mostly simple dishes that don’t require too much time so we still have time for the gym, movies, work, Netflix and HBO 🙂 I’ve also been undergoing medical tests to determine what my health level is like and what I can do to improve it. It’s actually more for my skin than anything else. We’ll see how that goes.

Time does fly. Last week I got a promotion at work. It was a real pleasant surprise. I won’t lie – I am an ambitious person with huge career aspirations but I have also learned over the years that having a successful career does come at a price: time, health, patience, youth, friendship, etc. I’m still working on this balance. But it has been a really nice weekend basking in positive review and thinking how to treat myself. We might travel some place fun end of the year. Hopefully those plans take shape.


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