On to the next chapter: Berlin

Kufurstendamm in Berlin

Kufurstendamm in Berlin

I’ve been itching for a new challenge for a long time. A few months ago I applied for a job in Berlin. It was purely out of curiosity and I didn’t think the company would come back to me. However, luck was in my favour and I did a few rounds of interviews with them. Last week I was offered the job. It’s a wonderful opportunity in Berlin. A chance to start afresh and try to live in a different country with a completely different language, history, everything. The husband will be transferring to his employer’s Berlin office.

I’ve always liked Berlin – after I survived my first encounter with the city where I thought I was living in a haunted apartment. (Really!) Many years ago, I was sent there for work for 3 weeks. While it was fun to be in the city, the apartment I was staying at was just plain creepy. But, it turned out first impressions don’t always count because our subsequent trips were always fun. Of course subsequent trips were made with the husband (then boyfriend) and he is German so it was easy to explore Berlin with him.

We have friends who live and work there. These days when we go to Berlin, we are rarely alone because we end up scheduling different coffee or dinner appointments with different sets of friends. I’ve also run out of excuses to not learn German so it is time for me to hit the books and start learning the language. The nice part is that my new employer will cover some of these classes so hopefully that’s the kick in the behind that I need 🙂

We have started the relocation process to move from Oslo to Berlin. We have to start by selling our beautiful apartment. Honestly, this is quite sad for us because both of us have never owned an apartment before the husband bought this place. But, sometimes you have to let go of what you have to move on to better things. We hope to buy a place in Berlin eventually, but for the mean time we will be renting a furnished apartment and likely keep our furniture in storage – until we get used to the city and figure out where we would like to live. Berlin is huge and each part of the city has a different vibe; a different feel. You can hate one part but love another part – we hope to find one part that we will like enough to want to live there for a long time.

So, here’s to new challenges and even better opportunities 🙂 I plan to write more as things fall into place.


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