Fall/Winter Investments

Fall/Winter Investments

The husband and I went to New York for our honeymoon recently. We were there for 9 days and had the best time ever. I know, I always say that but this trip was special because we intentionally went to a place we had been before to reduce that stressful feeling of wanting to see and experience everything within a short amount of time. Of course, this time around, we have completely different eating habits so we got to try out tons of restaurants and cafes that served delicious gluten free food.

Let’s get to the interesting part – the shopping. Or in this case, the “investments” that I made. I really wanted to find some key wardrobe pieces for Fall/Winter, though the weather in New York was quite hot while we were there. It felt kind of odd wearing jeans and a T-shirt but trying on a Parka in Aritzia. I actually tried one first and then asked the sales assistant for a thicker one, explaining “We’re from Norway.” She was kind enough to grab one that she thought was “heavy duty” because she had experience with Canadian winters. Now we’re talking ūüôā Hence I got that particular parka.

I also got a wool coat because my older ones are either too loose or too old. It’s a bit sad. I did buy a wool coat for winter last year and I’m still hoping to be able to wear it this year as it’s a cocoon-style coat (beautiful cut) from COS that I got in Berlin – similar to this one.

I couldn’t resist J. Crew. There is something so chic about their simple, yet beautifully cut clothing. The older I get, the more I appreciate buying 1 thing that is properly cut and oh so flattering, instead of 10 things that are passably good¬†looking (yes, that phrase exists). So J. Crew it was. I got a pair of the Reid jeans that is a bit longer than the ankle length that seems to be the rage these days – not going to help in winter. I also got a blazer though mine’s in Grey, not the camel coloured one shown above. I couldn’t find a picture of the Grey one, sorry!

For Autumn, I caved and got a pair of Frye boots. They actually didn’t have this pair in my size in the store, but the sales assistant was extremely helpful and had this pair shipped from Washington DC to their New York store: overnight! Talk about service. When will we get this type of service in Norway?

Sweaters at Uniqlo – total steal. The prices were great and the quality is good. Why not? When you live in a country with cold weather, you learn to wrap yourself in wool. It’s the only thing that works most days. Now the Wilfred Free Ward Coat was a special purchase as it fit so nicely and I really liked that slightly mottled grey shade.

I looked high and low for “The” handbag and ended up with this Rebecca Minkoff satchel. Perfect for work and can’t fault Saffiano leather. So durable! Mine’s in that shade but it’s actually more “oxblood” than brown. Just saying ūüôā

Lastly, I caved and got a Tom Ford quad because when you’re in the US, you have to buy Tom Ford makeup. It’s one of those luxury purchases that just has to happen. Kind of like buying a perfume just because it smells amazing – ¬†not because you need it ūüėČ


Current Favourites

Current Favourites

NIKE platform sneaker

NARS Cosmetics beauty product

Lately I’ve been using some items frequently and I figured it’s time for a new Current Favourites post. So, here goes:

  • Tarte Cosmetics Airbrush Finish Foundation Brush – Sometime last year, I asked the fiancee to get me this brush from Sephora. It has now become my favourite foundation brush in the whole world. I don’t say this lightly. I have sensitive, acne prone skin and applying foundation is my secret to leaving the house looking presentable. This brush buffs foundation like nobody’s business – it works wonderfully well with liquid foundation ¬†with medium coverage. I hadn’t been using this often enough but recently, I rediscovered it and have been loving it.
  • Chanel Le Volume de Chanel Mascara in Noir – I read about this mascara recently and decided to get it when I was traveling, at duty free (like most of my makeup purchases). It has a flexible wand and application is a wee bit tricky. I usually remove the excess at the rim of the tube or dab it against a clean tissue first as I’m not a huge fan of clumpy lashes. But on application, it’s really pretty. This mascara does not smudge, flake, or run. I don’t think it is marketed as waterproof but it lasts all day on me.
  • Swatch Deep Shine Green – The fiancee got me this when we were in Paris last Fall. There’s a Swatch store on Champs Elysees and we went in for fun and came out with a watch each. The glitter in the strap is a nice detail. I’ve been wearing this a bit lately and I love the silicone strap. It’s so comfortable you barely notice it.
  • NARS Sheer Glow in Macao – I got my first bottle of NARS Sheer Glow about two years ago I believe. It was a balm June afternoon, the fiancee and I were in Liberty of London perusing NARS cosmetics. OK, I was looking at the NARS products and he was dutifully standing nearby being all patient and supportive ūüôā I asked the makeup artiste to apply it for me and the shade was perfect. You gotta love NARS and his beautiful colour range. So, I got a bottle of this and since then I have finished it and got a second bottle. While clearing up my apartment recently (more on that later) I rediscovered this bottle. I have a few bottles of foundation that I rotate with depending on the weather and the primer I’m using (and how naughty my skin is that day) so I don’t always use this NARS. That said, it is a beautiful foundation with a nice medium coverage. It blends very well and sets properly. I do use a setting power (either a NARS or Laura Mercier, sometimes MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish) and it lasts a full work day on me. My skin has changed lately, becoming more dry, and this foundation really gives it life.
  • Nike Dunk Sky Hi Wedge Sneakers – I know, I know, Wedge sneakers are a bit too hyped up and common ever since Isabel Marant designed hers. I won’t lie, I was thinking they looked a bit weird until Sheena on Twitter mentioned that she got the New York limited edition version. I was a bit curious but didn’t feel like splurging on the limited edition version, so I asked the fiancee to try to get it while he was in the US. I contemplated ordering it online but he was leaving soon and said it might not be a good idea. So on a whim, I sent him a link and he managed to find some spare minutes to dash into the store and pick it up. When he came back to Norway and I met him the next day to pick up my ‘stash’, I was shocked to see it in orange. I had asked for the black version. It seems the link I gave him showed the orange version (gah!) but once I put them on – I was in love. These shoes are quite comfortable for work. I wouldn’t wear them for a full day out as they do sometimes rub against my little toe, but just for going to work and coming home, they are perfect. I’m tempted to get the black pair, but we shall see.
  • Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarers – I love Ray-Ban because they are really comfortable and timeless. But, in Norway, Ray-Bans are not cheap. I was lucky enough to spot this pair in a mall in KL (Bukit Tinggi I believe?) and it was on 40% discount. I hadn’t bought a pair of sunglasses since 2011 so I figured it was time. I tried on two versions of this sunglasses: a slightly smaller one and a bigger one. I think these are the 52mm ones. I *might* be wrong but I know I always buy what they call the “Medium” sized ones. My frame is black rubber and the lenses are green tinted. They are extremely comfortable and do not really colour your view. You just get less glare.

I’m Still Kicking

I could give you a zillion excuses as to why I haven’t been blogging, but the truth is that I just haven’t felt like it. I have a bunch of posts lying in my drafts folder but I haven’t completed them.

Work has been really busy and after a long day in front of the computer, the last thing I want to do when I’m home is to stare at the screen more, so I’ve been reading a lot of books.

Last week and the week before that, I was in Seattle for work. It was a really good trip as work-wise it was very productive; shopping-wise and food-wise: it was amazing. I saw so many nice shops and bought a lot of items that I had been meaning to buy. I also ate really, really good food. The strange thing is that I thought I would end up spending a lot of time alone, and a wee bit miserable because there were no colleagues accompanying me, but I ended up meeting so many nice colleagues and friends there (including Miss AOYV – who is so much fun to hang out with in person) to eat and wander around the city with that I did not feel lonely at all.

Here’s a little collection of what I picked up while I was in Seattle:

The Acquisitions

So, now that I’m back from my business trip, I guess I will be back to blogging again.

Till then, ciao! ūüôā

Current Favourites

Current Favourites
I’ve been wearing my Levi’s Demi Curve Straight a lot lately. In fact I have like 5 pairs of them and I love them. They’re extremely comfortable for Spring/Summer and they go with almost anything.
I picked up the Crumpler Free Wheeler Messenger bag when I was in London a few months ago. It is perfect for work as I have to carry my laptop with me. It fits everything but the kitchen sink ūüôā I love that it’s not boring black but a cool petrol blue shade with really slim neon yellow stripes.
Last Fall, when I was in Seattle, I met a wonderful makeup artiste at Nordstrom’s Chanel counter. She gave me a quick makeover (while I bugged her with a lot of annoying questions) with Chanel’s Perfection Lumiere foundation. I was surprised to find a shade that matched my skin tone perfectly (Ambre 94) and I immediately bought a bottle. Almost 5 months later and I’m still using that same bottle of foundation. Talk about value for money. I use it with Laura Mercier’s Oil Free Primer and it lasts more than 7 hours on my oily skin. This foundation barely needs any blending. You can even apply it with your fingers and it will literally melt into your skin. I do powder with a mixture of NARS Loose Powder in Mountain and MAC’s Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder.
A lot of people I know are not big fans of MAC’s Mineralize Eyeshadow range. On the contrary, I love them as I always use a creamy base for my eyeshadow looks. The Mineralize eyeshadow clings on to the creamy base for dear life and usually lasts a good 6-8 hours with a primer. I can’t complain. My current favourite shade is Gilt By Association.
If you’ve ever tried on a Deborah Lippmann nail polish, you’ll definitely agree with me when I say she makes the best nail polishes. EVER. I’m constantly surprised by the formulation of her nail polish. I can spend up to a good 40 minutes painting my nails sometimes but with Ms. Lippmann’s colors, I can be done in less than 20 minutes sometimes. Ray of Light is a bluish purple shade with itty bitty copper flecks. It’s plain gorgeous. If you do see it at a store, please swatch it.

If you are looking for a good black eyeliner that you can smudge but will stay put after it has been smudged, Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Intense Kajal Eyeliner in Blackened Black is _the_ pencil. {It’s also got a really long name.} It is so soft and creamy, but not as creamy as YSL’s Dessin Du Regard so it’s a bit easier to work with. I use it for my upper and lower lashline and I really like. It’s quite similar to MAC’s Feline (which is limited edition – I have no idea why).

Spring Ideas

Spring Ideas
I recently picked up a pair of Clarks Yarra boots in ash grey. Since I couldn’t find that colour on Polyvore, I chose a black version instead.

I’m eagerly awaiting Spring to wear these type of clothing. It’s going to be so much fun ūüôā

Joie oversized shirt

Zipper jacket

Levi Strauss & Co faded jeans

Clarks Originals black booties

Chan luu jewelry

Jersey scarve


So I’ve been trying to come up with ideas for clothing I would wear on a day-to-day basis, especially to work. Helps me zero in on what I have and what I need when shopping.

Madewell polka dot top

Cropped tank top

Abercrombie & Fitch cuffed skinny jeans

Clarks Originals leather shoes

Genuine leather handbag

Cheap Monday scarve

Stuff I’ve Been Drooling At

Stuff I've Been Drooling At

Sweatshirt hoody

Michael Stars shrug sweater

Timberland vintage boots

Shoulder bag

Michael Kors Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch