For The Tea Lover in Me

I’ve always loved tea, even as a child. Almost every day, between 4 or 5 pm, my Mom would make me a mug of  Lipton black tea with milk sugar. It’s like a ritual at home 🙂

Since I’m on a quest to lead a healthier lifestyle (and because my elder sister convinced me, as a teenager, that green tea helps you lose weight – not sure how true that is) I like the idea of drinking freshly brewed green tea.

So I was on the hunt for the perfect tea brewing mug that will let me brew tea leaves at work in a quick and neat manner.

I think I’ve found  it:

FORLIFE: Curve Teaware: Curve Tall Tea Mug

FORLIFE: Curve Teaware: Curve Tall Tea Mug

This mug gives you 440ml of tea which is perfect for 1 hour of tea drinking bliss – for me 🙂 I make a mug at work in the morning, and it’s a very calm, comforting way to start the day; the lid helps keep the tea warm.

* If you live in Oslo, this mug is on 40% discount at Rafens.

P/s – My current favourite teas are The Des Alizes, The Des Songes Blanc, and not to forget The Du Hammam.