Stepping into 2017

I’m around but I haven’t blogged. It’s been a busy year – one that we spent setting up a foundation for the next coming years in Berlin. You know how sometimes you think what you say is interesting or important, but then you start to realise that your interests, your opinions, they’re not really important actually. That’s why I haven’t blogged in awhile. I just didn’t think what I had to say or what I thought was important.

But I do admit that writing is therapeutic – for me, at least. I always feel better when I empty my head.

Living in Berlin is very different from what I’m used to, but I’m slowly getting the hang of it. I admit that I feel sad that the city is not clean and there are lots of homeless people outside. As an individual, there’s not much I can do and it’s hard to watch, some days. There were less homeless people in Oslo, and it was definitely cleaner. Berlin is chaos, a type of organized chaos. Me being the A-type personality that I am, it can be really hard sometimes. I get annoyed

The city is busier, we are busier. There’s more to do everyday. Somewhere in the midst of the chaos we found a gym that we like. So we now do spinning with weights, and sometimes I do some yoga. I’m still quite bad at yoga, but I’m stubborn so I will keep attending classes – even if I look silly. I dream of being able to do the poses smoothly. There’s a certain beauty in it, when you watch other people flit from one pose to another in a smooth and graceful way. Anyone who has met me in person knows that I’m anything but graceful. Hah!

I no longer buy much makeup anymore as I don’t have much time to apply smoky eyes in the morning anymore. It’s now a luxury that I hope to make more time for, but I’m not going to be too upset if I don’t manage to. I do miss it — not the makeup hoarding part — but the makeup application part. I still read about it on Instagram, but I don’t obsess about limited edition collections or hoard anymore eyeshadows, etc. I have to wear makeup on a day-to-day basis to look presentable. For that I have my “basic face” which usually has a berry-toned lipstick. I have way too many berry-toned lipsticks that I’m trying to finish. But, I no longer wear eyeshadow everyday.

I still love skincare. I’m still obsessed with cleansers. But my skin has healed a bit more since moving to Berlin. In the past years I have accumulated a lot of things. I think I was trying to comfort myself in some way by buying things. I have a lot of skincare products I would like to finish so, currently, I’m not buying anymore skincare. I’m curious how much money I can save by not spending on skincare for awhile and just using up everything that I have. Let’s see how that goes.

We’ve made some nice friends and acquaintances in Berlin. It’s going well so far. We have also discovered some wonderful cafes and restaurants. There are some very nice streets in Berlin that I love wandering through, just soaking up the atmosphere. It’s been weird to see all the shops that I used to pine over, suddenly, be right there in front of you. Of course the result is that you slowly lose interest in all your favourite shops – but maybe that’s not such a bad thing after all 🙂

I’ve been meditating for a bit more than a year now. I have a noisy mind that clings to “stories” and won’t let them go. So I meditate to find some silence in my head. It really helps with the stress but more importantly it helps with acceptance. Accepting that I can’t do everything at the same time. Monotasking is the new multitasking, right?

Anyway, here are my New Years’ Resolutions:

  • Be more present, enjoy the moments rather than keep looking forward to the next “big thing”
  • Learn to live better with less – I would really like to be less dependent on things to myself happy
  • Do more Yoga
  • Be as healthy as I can

I hope to keep blogging, but I hate making promises that I can’t keep, so I’ll try 🙂


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