Review: Chanel Black Pearl

When it comes to painting my nails, I’m very picky. Often I paint and remove a few times until I get it to look perfect. Sometimes, by the time I am done painting all 10 fingers, I realize I don’t really like the colour anymore.

But, picky me has fallen in love with this particular nail polish.

Chanel Black Pearl in Daylight

Isn’t she beautiful? I think it’s a beautiful colour and I see myself wearing it quite often. Hence, I actually picked up a backup recently. I thought there won’t be much stock for this colour as rumours were that it was limited edition. However, I keep seeing it at duty free all the time so I thought I should take advantage of the opportunity and get a spare 😉


Nails: MAC Imperial Flower

MAC Imperial Flower is a wicked orange. I never thought I would actually buy, let alone wear this nail varnish as I’m usually the dull-colour-lover. I always wear blacks, blues, greys, dark greens, dark purples, etc. on a day-to-day basis but for some reason I really liked the whole range of the Fall/Winter nail collection by MAC (Temptalia wrote about it here) and since I couldn’t get my hands on Earthly Harmony, I figured I’ll get Imperial Flower instead.

Here’s how it looks on me (I call it my “Walk on the wild side” nail colour):

MAC Imperial Flower

If you look closer, you can see my nail line – this is three coats and it is not 100% opaque – but I don’t really mind because nobody is going to look so closely at my hands anyway.

Nails: MAC Style Clan

Style Clan is the other nail polish that came out with MAC’s Tartan Tale collection. It’s a Greige (Grey+Beige) with interesting copper colored glitter. It looks serious and no-nonsense enough that I’d wear it to work. Oh wait, I can wear anything to work as I don’t exactly have to face customers. But yeah if you’re looking for a subtle but not boring nail color with a little bit of bling, then Style Clan is a nice option 🙂

MAC Style Clan

Nails: China Glaze Midnight Mission

I used to bite my nails – for many, many years. I remember my Mother telling me “Don’t bite your nails” repeatedly but I never listened 😉 Even when I was in university I’d bite my nails. They’d be short, stubby, and quite soft actually.

The past few years, I’ve stopped biting them. I’m not sure how or why – I don’t remember making any conscious effort to not bite them. I guess I must have found another outlet to let out my stress.

Being a tech writer, a lot of people look at my hands – like when they stand next to your desk at work in my office (I’m spoiled, I have my own office at work and it’s the best thing for days when you want to be a bit anti-social) and tell me what to write. I get a bit nervous and uncomfortable if my hands look ugly. I have four different kinds of hand cream in my little box at work to help with the cold weather and also to have pretty hands. Hey these hands are the source of my income, I have to take care of them (this is also the reason why I’m terrified of snow sports – what if I fracture my hand?!?!).

Anyway, my point is I have come a long way from geeky-girl-who-bit-her-nails. I actually know how to use nail polish now 🙂

Here’s a Nail of the Day (NOTD) picture:

China Glaze Midnight Mission

I love China Glaze nail polish – but I only have two of them: Midnight Mission and Zombie Zest.

I’m trying to be a little bit more daring and confident in posting more pictures of looks and stuff, let’s see how that goes 🙂